Architectural Cast Iron Repairs

architectural cast iron repairsAbel Weld are able to repair or arrange replication of any architectural cast iron components for example on balconies, demarking the boundaries around gardens, or any other situation.  The cast iron detailing on Victorian homes is functional as well as practical and deserves at least a cursory eye over it every few years to check that damage is not eating away and causing rust.

Architectural Cast Iron Repairs in Eastbourne

There are many decorative iron railings in Eastbourne, particularly when it comes to Victorian Mews Houses.  The intricate cast iron designs are very beautiful but it's quite a specialised task to repair them.

They then need to be coated with Zinc rich primer and a thick black paint topcoat to prevent weathering and rust. 

Now is the time to let us check your cast iron 

If you have ironwork that requires remodelling, replication, cast iron repairs or cast iron detailing that needs to be newly built from scratch, then contact us for a quote

Always reasonable prices quoted for cast iron repairs.