Fire Escape Assessments

If you have concerns about how safe your external steel staircase leading off from your fire escape is, then Abelweld can help you. We will assess the exits to determine if they adhere to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) of 2005.

For people of block management and private businesses and whoever is in control of the premises, is therefore responsible for the safety of anyone in it whether employed or just visiting the building. As well as ensuring that all exits are kept clear and unobstructed at all times, the property owner is also responsible for making sure emergency routes and exits must directly lead to a place of safety.

It is of vital importance that external fire exits and the structural steel staircases leading off them are safe for in the event of a fire. Over time, the steel staircases outside a building which allow for an emergency exit from a higher level may well become a danger themselves. Exposed to rain and sea salt air, your steel staircase will rust and become unsafe. The repercussions of an unsafe fire exit are disastrous and could lead to moral and legal difficulties. The route which you provide escapees with in the event of a fire must be structurally sound and maintained.

We have over 25 years of experience in weld repairs and new installations and understand just how important it is to adhere to the strict safety protocol with full PPE and health and safety guidelines. With safety being a top priority and main concern of ours, you can rest assured that our work is thorough and accurate.

If any repairs or modifications need to be made, then Ableweld can do this for you and carry out a structural safety assessment. If repairs are needed, we will do a consultation and devise a renewal replacement report. Your instant quotation will either be in digital or printed format.

We offer all types of welding in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. In our workshop, we also fabricate items to the customer's specification.

As well as structural steel staircases, we also provide external fire safety assessments for access and outbuildings, handrail and disability access and gates and security features, to the proper regulations.

Once we can assure the safe functioning of your external fire escape, you will be provided with a certification of health and safety. The British Standard Guide to Building Maintenance Management recommends a structural survey of the external fire escape of no more than 5 years.