Fire Escapes

fire escapesOften seen at the back of tall buildings, the steel staircases are often overlooked and used only in an emergency as a fire escape but they can become almost as dangerous as the fire itself without proper maintenance.

These metal stairs can fall into disrepair and at first this damage seems superficial – peeling paint or surface rust.  However a few years later the surface will be under full attack from sea air, rain, and poor draining causes corrosion which will get at the landing plates, between the plates and the structural cross members causing the plates to buckle as rust continues to corrode the steel stairs.  If this happens the whole integrity of the structure will be compromised and the stringers in which the treads are bolted will need focussing on.

Fire Escapes - Troubleshooting

At the back of the house and often forgotten about, Fire Escapes can develop a number of problems on the quiet.  Anchor points in which the fire escape may be supported by the building need to be closely watched as rust may severely damage the brickwork or masonry.  Rusty ironwork expands and splits the masonry joints allowing water in to cause further damage.

Abelweld is experienced in all metal /steel stairs, including fire escapes, either repaired or a new steel fire escape installation.  Also safely removing old metal steel stairs/fire escapes.  Our repair service can bring back damaged steel staircases to a safe standard.  We can advise on the steel stairs condition and we are able to treat rust, repair anchor points and masonry.  We can fabricate a new steel staircase and install it.  We offer plain, painted and galvanised finished products.  We also form concrete bases for the foundation of fire escapes/main staircases. All to British Standard 5395 (Stairs Ladders & Walkways)

Fire Escapes Sussex

If you require building or repairs services for fire escapes Eastbourne Sussex clients please call us on our mobile number 07810 795 689. We are specialist welders experienced at all types of welding of metal, steel/iron on fire escapes Eastbourne Sussex and all around the South East.