Marine Engineering

marine engineeringAt Abelweld we have a long history and experience of marine engineering; ships, piers and jetties, pipe lines, cathodic protection, various types of handrail repairs and security adaptations including numerous modifications to small craft.The Sea can present an extreme environment; a m3 of seawater weighs in at one Tonne.  

Tides may rise and fall several meters and wind may gust over 100mph.  Along with saline water being highly corrosive, this brings about the difference between marine engineering and man’s feeble attempt to control his environment. Therefore the surrounding infrastructure needs strength and protection and marine engineering requires knowledge of the tolerances expected against it.  

Marine engineering requires a practical experience in being able to deal ‘hands on’ and needs expert skills and unique tools including specialist insurance cover.

Marine grade stainless steel 316L requires specialist welding techniques as this corrosion resistant alloy needs an inert atmosphere to be correctly welded.  Steel components need to be protected from the harsh saltwater, and painting with appropriate marine grade paint is vital.

Galvanising offers a high protection and cathodic protection also combats against rust.

Abelweld do not generally work on oilrigs or weld underwater or salvage stricken vessels; however we are there to assist with the smaller jobs when their hands are full.

Marine Engineering Sussex

If you require knowledgeable and experienced services for marine engineering Eastbourne Sussex clients please call us on our mobile number:

07810 795 689.

We are happy to discuss any welding issues as specialist welders in marine engineering services Eastbourne Sussex based and using our mobile workshop we are able to travel all around the South East.