Pipe Welding

mobile welders sussexAbelweld has experience in welding steel pipes for various heating engineers including pipe fitting, pipes and tubes as structural applications and also offshore delivery pipe weld repair on a 1200mm diameter tube.  Welding of pipe on site can present its own problems especially regarding access. We at Abel Welding know this is often an important issue. We will weld the pipe to coded standard and even in awkward blind corners using mirrors whilst welding to continually monitor the arc.

Abelweld's pipe welding process will start with thorough pipe preparation, bevelling the ends to 30° and allowing a landing area to avoid 'burn through'.  The pipe ends need a suitable gap before tack welding.  The pipe will be welded in Quadrants, starting at the bottom of the pipe and welding vertically upwards, giving more control and deeper penetration after each sub-process, cleaning up and inspecting the previous weld for any suspect weld defects.  If any are detected, whether a slag trap or burn-back, we will grind it out and weld the pipe over again.  This is done all through the root filler and capping runs.

We have a complete mobile outfit for pipe weld set-ups, specialist pipe fitting tools, rigid ® ESAB pipe welding equipments and the services of skilled welders available for all your pipe welding needs.  Our workshop is able to weld pipes to your requirements and in our rod ovens we have a full range of specialist electrodes

At Abelweld we have 25 years of pipe welding Eastbourne East Sussex behind us and all types of pipe welding are undertaken.

Pipe Welding Sussex

Based in Eastbourne Sussex we undertake all pipe welding Eastbourne Sussex, working in the local area and beyond. So when it comes to pipe welding Eastbourne Sussex clients can be sure of a quick, clean service. We are keen to talk to all customers requiring pipe welding Eastbourne, East Sussex and the surrounding areas.

When you need pipe welding - call us on our mobile number 07810 795 689 for a visit and a quote.