Stainless Steelwork

stainless steelwork eastbourneStainless steel is weldable, and recyclable by all means, although specialist techniques and equipment must be used when working with stainless steel. 

Abelweld offers professional welding for stainless steel applications around Eastbourne and East Sussex.

Stainless steel is a complex alloy invented in Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution and is an alloy that consists of Chromium, Nickel, and 'spiced up' with other exotic metals.  

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Stainless steel is commonly used around the marine, commercial and catering industries. Different grades of stainless steel are dictated around the Chromium/Nickel percentage. 

Stainless steel is increasingly popular in bespoke, contemporary kitchens, and gives an easily cleaned and practical surface which can be finished to your preference.  Stainless steel worktops, stainless steel faced cabinets and doors drawers and plinths made from stainless steel can be produced, to your specific requirements.

As well as the more practical and obvious applications, stainless steel also lends itself to exciting design possibilities, motifs and even sculptures for the home or garden.

Abelweld can supply, machine and weld stainless steel to your specific design in Eastbourne and East Sussex

If you require stainless steelwork Eastbourne based Abelweld is experienced at Marine applications, Stainless steel for commercial/catering equipment and Stainless steel for exterior and interior fitments or any other purpose. Please contact us for a quote. 

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