Steel Eastbourne

Steel EastbourneWhen it comes to working with steel Eastbourne's Abelweld are the ones to call for fast, efficient and safe steel welding.  Contact us for all types of steel welding both in the construction industry and domestic situations.

Abelweld are highly trained firm of Steel Welders based in Eastbourne but servicing the whole of the South East and will first undertake the essential site visit to survey the environment.  The checklist is lengthy; the methods are crucial. The measurements, the datum, soil mechanics, alignment with existing structures can all pose challenges. 

Both modern technologies like Hilti laser levels and ancient tools like plumb lines and mathematical formulae e.g. 3:4:5 and Pi will give you the solutions needed to transfer the information back to the work bench.  

With complex installations a few site visits are needed.  We may fabricate wooden jigs and templates and duplicate measurements in metric & imperial to expose any misjudgements.  At this stage, double and triple checking is vital to factor out human error.  The last thing one wants is to turn up on site with a finished product only to find it doesn’t fit!  

Photography plays its part too, but above all detailed planning pays off.  The more time spent on site engineering will pay dividends in ensuring healthier economics.  Digging exploratory holes can be valuable to show up problems that were previously otherwise hidden such as services, solid concrete or even voids.  Neighbouring properties and public rights of way will bring out a higher risk evaluation.  

For careful and safe working with Steel Eastbourne's Abelweld provides a safe, friendly service.

Steel Sussex

When you have a job requiring specialised welding on steel Eastbourne Sussex welders Abelweld are is only a phone call away.  on 07810 795 689 for fast, efficient and friendly service.  Our centre of operations for welding is Eastbourne Sussex but when engaged in outside tasks we bring all our tools with us in a fully equipped mobile workshop and our standards are always high to ensure that you are 100% happy with the work.  If you need professional welding on steel Eastbourne Sussex based Abelweld are the experts to call.